Artist, designer and all round creative. 8enjamin loves to explore colour.

His vision is to uplift and empower through the use of colour, by transcending the viewer into his own wonderful vibrant universe where anything feels possible.

Constantly illustrating, painting, creating has led to him collaborating with high-end brands such as Puma, Jagermeister and even Rihanna flexing his stuff.

8enjamin wants to take you on a journey, where you are teleported to his universe. Here there are no boundaries and you can dream and be as free as you like.

His main character is Fluzz, a fluffy ball with Huge bubbly sneakers (like 90s skate shoes). Fluzz is used to represent the Soul and spirit of the artist / viewer. He is normally the most exaggerated form of colour in the pieces - representing the ultimate feeling of freedom. He skates through this imaginative world where the art tools are creating the way.

With its fresh, vibrant and fun style 8enjamin explores the visible and the invisible in each of us, making us feel joy and empowered.

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